Covidiary 1

As the numbers continue to tell a story that seems to be refuted by some, it leaves GR in a quandary. Newsom and Garcetti say that more testing means more numbers, but doesn’t more testing mean more symptoms or possible exposure? I haven’t had a Corona test yet since I’ve been masked and fairly careful. But I’d get one if I thought something was amiss. Yet, that’s not what’s important. The cases and infection rate are important. The tracked numbers are going up and we know there are more than what’s reported. It couldn’t be less, right? The only way is if a deathbed patient contracted Corona and died and they attribute their death as Corona related rather than whatever ailment they had. I get that. I try and see both sides since there are many reasonable people on either side. In fact, there are more than two sides to this all, but perhaps there should only be one side.


Our PPP funds are drying up rapidly. It’s been a rocky ride navigating the continuous rule changes and amendments. I wish I could apply today rather than months ago, but no one knew if the funds would run out and we’d miss the boat entirely. The rules today are much better than they were at the outset. In our case, it’s too late to adopt the new rules which came out just two weeks ago. In July, we’re on our own.


I’ve made multiple predictions in different places about how July and August and so forth would be telling. I watched the calendar dwindle. The Unemployment numbers were at record highs, but are “better” now. Retail purchases are also up. I read up 17% in one place. But both of these “Ups,” might be from PPP funds, the small economic stimulus, or the hefty unemployment bonus—which also ends in July.


As for our PPP, we received money (that’s possibly forgivable) to employ people, whether we were financially successful or not. In turn, as of June, many businesses could open using this labor - whether or not they are financially stable. Opening is almost like a bonus. If you earned a few dollars, and your employees are technically “free,” then perhaps that’s the 17% increase - as reported. Imagine, our sales in store have been $0. If we opened, I’m sure we could get numbers to help report a 17% increase. To me, it seems like a meaningless number. Our PPP funds, along with many others will end in the next few weeks. Then what do we do?


If we want to retain our employees, we need to open. Many think that if we did open, all financial worries will be solved. Opening is actually costly, and on a monday, will we have customers to break even? Many think so, but I’m highly skeptical. I see the traffic on the street. It’s not encouraging. Even in February, the traffic and numbers were dwindling. There was a downward trend before March. It’s a fucked up situation. Let’s watch what happens in July. I hope for the best.