Cry Cry Shine Shine Solo Exhibition by Yoskay Yamamoto Saturday Nov 11 - Nov 28th

Cry Cry Shine Shine poster for art exhibition that features an image on the left side with fish swimming and a large moon with a face rising or setting into the ocean.

Cry Cry Shine Shine

Solo Exhibition by Yoskay Yamamoto 

November 11 - 28th / Reception 6-9pm Saturday November 11th

This exhibition features both painting and drawings by Yoskay Yamamoto mostly created while moving back to Los Angeles from his temporary home in Arizona. 


Some words from Yoskay Yamamoto:

In the early stages of my artistic journey, I changed the spelling of my first name from "Yosuke" to "Yoskay." The American pronunciation never quite felt right, and "Yoskay" was closer to how my Japanese friends and family pronounced it. Correcting people's pronunciation was always awkward when I first moved here, and I often wished for a name that would be more accessible to Americans.

My parents selected the Japanese symbol for the Sun to represent the first part of my name, "Yo." They hoped I would radiate like the largest celestial body in our solar system. As a short, skinny, pale, somewhat cynical kid with glasses, I never truly felt that I embodied the name's inherent positivity. It felt contradictory to bear a name symbolizing brightness while wrestling with my cynical tendencies.

Even in my art, I unconsciously avoided the radiant star. I must have drawn and painted a hundred moons before I dared to incorporate the sun as a central motif in my work. But recently, I've started to include it more in my creations as I've actively adjusted my attitude to become less cynical and more positive. However, I still find it challenging to stay optimistic at times, given my view of a troubled society and a seemingly bleak world.

Some of my recent work reflects this sentiment - shedding one's shadow to shine brighter. It's okay for the sun to have moments of doubt and shed a tear.

I'm immensely grateful to my incredible wife for her unwavering support and for helping me see the world through a more positive lens. Today, I feel much more comfortable with my name, embracing its significance, and finding peace in being myself.