Doge, Sushi and Boba Friends - New Enamel Pins

I'm still making pins. I believe these next six pins mark something like 50 or so pins I've designed. I still don't consider myself a designer, but I am having fun making pins. Doge? In our internet meme riddled existence, Doge is as quirky as anything out there, but the best part is it's a Shiba and appeals to everyone. I've heard little kids say, "Doge" and that always surprises me. 

Here's the ramen package that should exist in America. Hell with the Oriental or Original Flavor. A package of ramen should have Tonkotsu flavor straight-out-the-bag! 

Boba Friends. Taro and Matcha for life. You can be from different sets but still be on the same team.

Ikura Sushi, tasty as always. It's a guilty pleasure. 

Ebi sushi, as standard as they come.

Tamago sushi. It takes skill to make this in those mini pans. This one is typically eaten last. 

We have these at Giant Robot Store and also now on Etsy! Find us where you're comfortable!