Draw and Cry - The Felicia Chiao Edition

A big group of artists gather for Draw And Cry at GR2 with Felicia Chiao. The room is impressive.

Draw and Cry brought a huge group to draw and meet or hang out with Felicia Chiao. These are closed door events since we don't have the space for more than the amount of great folks who showed up to draw. We'll do more of these at some point soon. This was the third installment! Can you name the artists? Flickr set. 

Lauren Tsai and the drawing from Draw and Cry.

Huntz Liu, Peter Chan, Felicia Chiao, and Taylor Lee speak and meet. Some come and hardly draw! They're hanging out and having some snacks.
Erick Martinez, Eric Nakamura, and Sean Keeton at Draw and Cry inside of GR2.