Ed Lin 99 Ways to Die Novel Reading Night with Special Guests - Steph Cha, Chiwan Choi, and Neela Banerjee

Awesome night of readings by the great Ed Lin who makes it a point to always read at GR. The planning begins with jokes galore although he's probably 100% serious under it all, and then the next thing you know the night is here. The smart thing that Ed Lin does is create vibes for each of his events. No two are the same and that's how he handles it. This time he brought special guests who are also authors: Steph Cha, Chiwan Choi, and Neela Banerjee. The tone was healthy and cerebral. You had to sit, listen, and make mental pictures. We hope to see Ed Lin on his next go around. 

Ed, Neela, and Chiwan.

The Sucklord! Yes he was here and explained ever so diligently on how he came up with the figure that was based on Ed Lin's book. 

What the. That's John Takenaka and Darin Maki. They happened to be outside. Look up Darin Maki. He's someone I admired from a far. 

Whoa there. The Sucklord, Victoria Namkung, and Ed Lin. She won the figure.