Edwin Ushiro: A Survey Reception photos

Although the power went out for over an hour on Sawtelle Blvd in Japantown, that didn't stop people from coming to see Edwin Ushiro's, A Survey exhibition. Most of the businesses around us closed but everyone who has a phone has a flashlight and that's enough to see the work. This alone was a great sight and I was honored to be able to stay open and pay tribute to this exhibition. 

Then another part of this exhibition that was insane was the love from the families of Edwin and his wife Lynn. They roll deep and the photos show it. It's not often that a huge portion of photos from one exhibition are giant group shots but this one had them. 

Lastly, I'm honored to be able to exhibit Edwin Ushiro's work once again. If he's up for it, watch for one next year! Thanks all for coming or paying attention online. 

Want to see more? See the Flickr set