Fruits and Veggies: Art You Should Almost Eat at Giant Robot Store Begins May 22nd!



Fruits & Veggies : Art You Should Almost Eat
May 22nd - June 17th
Live Opening Tour and Artwork Available Online: May 22nd 11:00 am
Visit In-Person Saturdays - Sundays 12:00 pm - 6:00pm
Stay Tuned for the 2nd Drop Announcement!
Brenda Chi, Cassia Lupo, Cate McCleery, Christina Margarita Erives, Defective Pudding, Emily Wong, Erick Martinez, Eunice San Miguel, Flat Bonnie, Jen Tong, Juliette Toma, Junko Ogawa, Justine Lin, Kaylynn Kim, Kelly Yamagishi, Kevin Chan, Kevin Luong, Lisa Kogawa, Mariangela Le Thanh, Mari Inukai, Michelle Wanhala, Natalie Andrewson, Nellie Le, Nikki Longfish, Po Yan Leung, Ryan Bubnis, Sam Grinberg, Sanaa Khan, Sean Keeton, Susie Ghahremani, Thinh Nguyen, Tiffany Liu and more!