Giant Robot / Angrybananas Presents: Game Night San Jose Museum of Art

3rd Thursday: Taiko, Tabaimo, & Giant Robot

June 16th 5-8pm 

San Jose Museum of Art 

Surround yourself with the rhythmic heartbeat of kumidaiko (ensemble drumming with Japanese drums) and the uncanny world of Tabaimo. Inspired by the surreal, room-sized animations by the Japanese artist, the acclaimed ensemble San Jose Taiko will improvise and experiment with sound in in the galleries (7 PM). Tabaimo’s room-sized animated installations incorporate the colors of Japanese ukiyo-e prints, influences from manga and anime, music, and even sound effects from video games. Plus, L.A.-based pop culture gallery Giant Robot brings its game night to SJMA. See and play video games by local indie game developers Nick Crockett and Wyatt Sanders. Galleries, activities, and café are open from 5 to 8 PM. Tickets just $5 after 5.

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PING by Wyatt Sanders

Ping is an exploration adventure game where the player's goal is to bring life back to the world. The player sees the world in the form of waves that are generated by sources of life and energy. These waves propagate outward and illuminate surfaces as they pass over them. This is how the player sees the world. Without these waves, and without life/energy, the world is black. The player has the ability to create life that exists temporarily and can use this life to further explore the world. Ping is a game about exploration, expression, nature, and one's aspirations. 


UM TV PALS by Nick Crockett
UM TV PALS is a multiplayer action / gardening / rocketry simulation game for up to 10 players. Under the gaze of a lonely eyeball, ten pals explode into life in a cloud of dust and static and begin to wander the worlds. Before long they’re flinging fruit, hunting for eggs, and practicing garden rocketry. You are one of those pals. Be the best pal you can be.

UM TV PALS 4/12/16 video from UCLA Game Lab on Vimeo.