Giant Robot at DesignerCon 2017 Day 1

One of the first person I saw at DesignerCon 2017 is Luke Rook of Lulubell Toys who is one of the most creative beings in toys. When people are trying to make one thing, he's off figuring out something weird and new. The idea of what toys can be are the most free in his hands. 

Jeff Ho of Zephyr Dogtown stopped by. He's a legend.

A shot of our booth

C Loo, a friend and supporter from way back picked up a Linnea Strid drawing.

Erica Olsen from Riot Games and a former Ms Nisei Week.

Nikki Longfish!


Liz from Munky King and a shiba puppy.

The Hundreds Family.

Jerome Lu and Yukari.

More booth photos.

This was the set up. That's me, Lofa @Umitoys and Chad @Crappykids.