Giant Robot at Long Beach Zine Fest 2019 (LBZF)

On Sunday September 8th, GR was at the Long Beach Zine Fest - the second and final leg of the GR weekend tour. I tend to miss the LA Zine Fest because of work or other commitments on Memorial Day, yet this event is amazing. It's another flavor with another audience and it suits me perfectly. I'm more than honored to be there, and I have to thank the organizers for their efforts. They run a great event and are as thoughtful as they need to be to make it work for the audience, vendors, and the venue. I'm their fan. 

Next, I'd like to say that I expect very few to know GR. Yet, I do get "branded" by some as one of the originators of this scene. I actually heard this more than once this weekend and although it's untrue, it's fun to know that people recognize GR. I forget this. I was also happy that people continue to be into the "From the Pit" zines I and II and a few also picked up my new zine "Whatever Falls in Between."