Giant Robot at SDCC 2017

SDCC 2017 ended over a week ago and even though it's year 23 in a row for GR and the feeling of the routine doesn't quite wash away. Great moments begin to slowly disappear from our memories. Cosplayers still come through, our friends stop by, and perhaps the best crew I could have come down and help out. The booth is hard work but seeing thousands throughout the day make it worth it. 

Flickr SDCC x 2017

Luke Chueh during a tough time stopped by and had a long conversation with our booth babe, Dean Gojobori. I selfishly dedicate part of our SDCC 2017 to Luke. 

The Booth set up stays consistent annually. We change things here and there but the structure stays the same. Maybe I'll get some new banners, but the boldness and quality of these old ones work! I remember getting these for quite a low price many years ago and taking good care of them provides us with the same quality looking banners each year. 


This is the set up. What is Dean pointing at? I think it's because the first photo I took a moment before was botched. I dropped the phone during the shot and quickly recovered to shoot this one. 


Sneaking a bite of the booth burritos. They're decent for convention food. We enjoy these every year and provide us with a somewhat balanced diet. The sauce adds that roasted goodness.


Make the Death Star Great Again! I think was this fella's slogan. People get creative once in a while and the mash ups are hilarious. 


Each year we go to a yakitori place on the last day. In the past we did this once too often and now we've settled into doing this as an ending celebration.