Giant Robot Store Presents: Year of the Dragon 2024: A Lunar New Year Art Exhibition Jan 20th - Feb 4th

Flyer for exhibition featuring a very stylized dragon in black and white - that kind of looks like a vintage book illustration.


Live Instagram Tour on @giantrobotstore and Art Available Online on Saturday, Jan 20th, 11:00 am PST
Doors at 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Flyer Image by Jon MacNair
Giant Robot Store
2015 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Alycea Tinoyan, Anne Emond, Amy Matsushita-Beal, Andrew Stewart, Angela Song, APAK, Ashley Dreyfus, Cleonique Hilsaca, Crisselle, Defective Pudding, Dylan Griffin, Gabe Crown, Flat Bonnie, Flavia Chan, Ginger Chen, Hilda Huffalar, Hooked Hands, Indi Ho, Jaime Soto, Jennifer Nguyen, Jenn Lima, Joey Stupor, John Banh, Jon MacNair, Katy Ho, Kelly Yamagishi, Kevin Chan, Lia Tin, Lisa Kogawa, Lucas Pincer-Flynn, Marlowe (Odd Rabbits), Natalie Center, Nellie Le, Nikki Longfish, Nozomi Uchida, Olivia Pecini, Pacolli, Schessa Garbutt, Shiho Pate, Sun-Mo Koo, Susie Ghahremani, Tiffany Wei, Wally Kelly and more!