Giant Robot X Katsuya Terada at SDCC Booth 1729

More details coming soon! See our social media and maybe see #SDCC2023 #SDCCBLOG

We're also hosting Katsuya Terada live draw in Room 11 at SDCC. Friday 3 - 4pm

Wild flyer image with a collage image of a character that appears like a monkey with a crown on its head with animals coming out of it like a collage. It says Katsuya Terada on top.

Katsuya Terada goods will include T shirts, Books, skateboard, blanket, ceramics, zines, and original art.

Some offerings: 

Satoshi figure that's made out of vinyl with a red background. The balding man is wearing a blue shirt and red tie.

Yukinori Dehara figures. There are many varieties! 

This is a book with a colorful cover that's inset on a beige cloth cover. It's a book by James Jean and it's abstract looking from afar.

James Jean New Book. We have it first. Eternal Journey. This book has been in production for months and it's celebrating his largest exhibition that will travel! Congrats James.

Black flower that has a round ball with a face. It's made out of vinyl and appears from shiny ceramic.

A print that features a moon drinking a cup of tea with a flower in the upper right corner that appears like a planet.

Clear grey figure with white spots painted on. It's a vinyl toy and it's in a backyard. You can see plants and flowers blurry in back.

Yoskay Yamamoto Moonflower Onyx and a print Cozy Up in two sizes. 8x8 and 12x12. Custom new Dongo figure with hand embellishments. 

A woman with a hand that's raking her eyes. She is looking towards the subject who is raking.

Kelly Sux Prints She's amazing and this is a new one.

Robot figure that's clear that has glow in the dark balls in it and fingers are holding it.

Chibi Boss sofubi by Giant Robot's Eric Nakamura in three color ways. This is just one of them. 


Three skateboard decks by Felicia Chiao which features three images of flowers. Two are orange with a figure in it. One is white with a figure in it.

Felicia Chiao Skateboard decks, prints, and pins. 


Rain Szeto print features people sitting around a red plane drinking tea. It's a colorful print.

Rain Szeto Prints! Including Adriatic Tea


A bery unimpressed looking capybara animal plush with a lanyard that has a Comic Con badge!

A bery unimpressed looking capybara animal plush with a lanyard that has a Comic Con badge!

Unimpressed Capy by Flat Bonnie. Hand made with a lanyard!