Go Get 'Em Tiger Art Show at GIANT ROBOT STORE! Begins July 29th, 6:30pm

Go Get 'Em Tiger Art Exhibition at GIANT ROBOT STORE

Coinciding with Ako Castuera's Solo Exhibition at GR2 and the WLA Obon just one block away is Go Get 'Em Tiger Exhibition at GIANT ROBOT STORE curated by Cassia Lupo! 

You will see a themed exhibition including the following great folks: 

Aaron Brown, Alexander Vidal, Alex Kao and Yuju Shen, Amelia Giller, Ann Shen, Ben Goetting, Benjie Escobar, Brian Luong, Bryan Wong, Cassia Lupo, Christy Saguanpong, Deth P. Sun, Ellen Surrey , Eunice San Miguel , Flat Bonnie, Hooked Hands, Jeff McMillan, Joey Stupor , Jon Lau, Josie Portillo, Junyi Wu, Junko Ogawa, Kevin Luong, Keiko Brodeur, Leonardo Santamaria, Lisa Kogawa, Lisa Perrin, Lisa Vanin, Luke Chueh, Maggie Chiang, Mayuko Nakamura, Michael Hsiung, Natasha Lillipore, Naoshi, Nicolette Wood, Nikki Lukas Lungfish, Nikko De Leon, Ray Young Chu, Sanaa Khan, Sean Chao, Shihori Nakayama, Stasia Burrington, Sweaty Taxidermy, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Yu Maeda

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