GR in Psychology Today and Working Sunday Podcast

First off, I was on a podcast called Working Sunday (Here's the link) that came out Two Months ago. I discounted it because it was recorded over a year ago and it was frankly super old. However, an important lesson came out of this. Regardless if something is newer or older, it doesn't diminish it's value. I felt it was older info and news, yet it came back full circle and turned into something even greater. This is one of those cases. 


The podcast came out and I didn't publicize it at all. I was frankly a bit disappointed at how long it took. Yes, these things take time, especially for a large series of podcasts to get edited and posted.


Next, a writer Sarah Haufrect from Psychology Today (link) came across my interview and wrote extensively about it and put my own words and thoughts into a greater context. I didn't mean or expect anything to resonate, yet it did.

I'm honored and thanks to Working Sunday Podcast and Psychology Today.