GR Mag Pack 3 - Toilet Reading Champs

Magazines at the toilet. That's how one laid cable before cellphones. You might find a beat-up National Geographic on top of the porcelain tank since nothing churns the gut like seeing lava sweep across the horizon. Next to that might be a Sports Illustrated which was once the gold standard of photography. SI captured peak moments like Greg Louganis diving into a pool splashless or Derek Ho shooting through the pipeline. These mags were a bowel's BFF.
Then you have Giant Robot - who I self proclaim: The Toilet Reading Champs. No one could beat the smooth flow and regularity in our six issues a year. We'd bring you the umami of topics including contemporary art, violent Asian cinema, and punk rock. When you thought you were done, there's even more. Wipe once or wipe many times, and we're still there.
Giant Robot left a permanent stain on many facets of popular culture.
Ten Issues Part 3 still for $20. We have your back (side).
Jokes aside, you can get this pack here.