GR2 Art Konbini 08 - Yes it's the 8th edition! Photoset

Art Konbini 08! Photo set Sometimes, we're at a lost for words, and this weekend (week two of back to back weekend Konbini events) was amazing and fun. Saturday was a strange lackadaisical day, maybe it was the heat? Sunday though was perfect SoCal weather and it brought out a decent crowd. By the end of Sunday it feels like we did something right. We hope everyone had a great time.

Group photo of vendors in the gallery posing for a picture.

Group photo with folks hanging out at the gallery. It's vendors from the art market.

Thanks to the vendors and visitors. 
Kelly Yamagishi Nellie Le Kevin Chan John Banh Cassia Lupo Marina Caro Tiny Deer Studio Po Yan Leung Sean Keeton Opened Jesus Lucas Pincer-Flynn
Stacy Javier Angela Ramones