Holiday Toy Drive - Post It Show Second Drop December 10th 12 Noon Bring a Toy for the Entry Raffle

How does it work?

Instead of long line, this time, we pick random numbers like a Raffle for the picking order of the new Post It pieces. Most of the work will be by artists whose work sold out, showed up late (like Matt Groening above), or who felt like doing more. But to get a raffle ticket, please donate a new unwrapped toy valued at $20 or more! 

We'll attempt to pick numbers at 12 Noon.

For those of you who aren't interested in the new Post It works which will be placed on the back wall, there's no wait for the remainders on the left side wall.

10x10 by Luke Chueh and Sean Chao Alicia Obermeyer, Charlie Powell, Christian Leon Guerrero, Daniel Kim, Defective Pudding, Edwin Ushiro, Flat Bonnie, Gemma Correll, Indi Ho, James Davis, Jee Kim (Paperobott), Julie Murphy, Justine Lin, Katsuya Terada, Kelly Yamagishi, Kiera Lofgreen, Leo Frontini, Marina Caro, Matt Groening, Mayon Hanania, Natalie Miramontes ("Parakid”), Nathan Ota, Nikki Longfish, Rvi Vitorino Santos, Sean Chao, Seth Drenner, Tiffany Liu, Travis Louie, Yumi Yamazaki, Yusei Abe. We hope for more by Brian Luong and Yoskay Yamamoto