Kokoro Craft Boutique 2018

Another Year of Kokoro Craft Boutique and this marks year six for GR, I believe. It's a show that sort of tells me that holiday time is coming soon because it happens in early October. It's a show that's fun and easy. The visitors are great and the staff are even better. Some folks are annual visitors and many stop in for the first time. It's always awesome. 

The best thing about this show is that it's not about hipster stuff. It's classic. The products are real craftsperson made. Some folks say they've been doing their crafts for decades and some are fairly new. 


Visitors who knew GR!


That's Dean handling it.

That's a lot of wool! The weather is turning just right for this here in LA.

Cards! Tons of cards. 


A range of ceramics!

More Dean handling it.

Luke, Edwin and Me in Gleeful form.

That pin that confuses everyone. It's this!