LA Art Book Fair 2023 - My Favorite Event of the Year

The Giant Robot booth at the LA Art Book Fair. It's a table with no people, and many publications littering a table. There's a red Giant Robot banner behind on the wall.

Does it get any better than the LAABF? The return of the event after a "break" since 2019 restored the joy of art books to throngs of visitors who lined up and even paid to attend. My perspective is of a person working at a booth although I do get to wander, so I don't quite feel the true stress of missing out and not being able to see everything. I do get to see this over a few days. If you're visiting for the first time, it's a tough one. You have to budget hours and break time or else you'll be overwhelmed. 

Giant Robot's spot was upgraded. We made it into the big room and it was amazing. We were no longer in a spot without a low ceiling, and although it gets hot, it's still worth every second. There's so much joy and fun, and so much to see and take in. Leaving the event with a stack of bound paper leaves me with so much to study and enjoy. But aside all that, the star of the event are the attendees. I had so much fun everyday. 

I have to thank the staff of Printed Matter and the LAABF staffers for their efforts. The event is amazing. So much that I want to try their NY event! 

Flickr photos

A smiling Asian American man wearing a baseball cap with a strange design on a black t shirt. His name is Bobby Kim Hundreds


A smiling Asian man with glasses and a nice check pattern a t-shirt.
Two people, one Latino and one Asian woman post for the camera.  Brendan Monroe and Eva Fan.


A group photo with four folks in it on a line in the middle of the book fair.