Leo Frontini Scenes from Nurture Begins August 19th

Flyer for art exhibition by Leo frontini that features the text Scenes from Nurture with small images along the sides of his art work. It's colorful and depicts odd humans.



August 19th-September 6th,2023
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 19th, 6 - 9 pm
Work goes live on
www.giantrobot.com at 12:00pm (PT) , August 19th

Presented at GIANT ROBOT GALLERY (GR2) 2062 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025

Giant Robot Gallery is pleased to present Scenes From Nurture, a new exhibition by Cleveland-born, Los Angeles-based artist Leo Frontini. Drawing from the well of time, memory, and his subconscious, these recent pictures explore the notion of family and the relationships we hold that give form to who we are today. Within his often surreal representations, dreams and memories seem to exist on the same plane. Looking past the idealized family structure and going into the mind of each protagonist that invites you into the composition, one experiences visualizations of idle bliss, tension, and melancholy.

Frontini has found painting to be an escape from reality while also bringing him closer to the world, relationships, and himself. His formative years were spent battling depression and the results of several sports-related head injuries. Nearing the end of high school, Frontini was pushed to pursue the arts by his father, Thomas Frontini, who has been a painter his entire life and is a significant influence and mentor in his son's creative practice. In the solitariness of quarantine, Frontini began an intensive study of painting the figure. His practice is marked by a sense of admiration and even obsession with the great masters of the past. His recent pictures play with the relationship of figures and distorted architecture. Exploring color and graphic abstraction of the figure and a space, his range of influences is revealed as he pulls from all periods of art history, his lived experience, and his subconscious. A visual intermingling of the past, present, and unknown provide a balance of harmony and tension.

The artist has written a brief narrative for each painting that informs the piece without giving it all away. Frontini creates with the viewer in mind, hoping the work will give them a moment of pause and reflection. Perhaps it may provide a break from their reality or a means by which they can dive deeper into understanding themselves and how nurture has played a role in their life.