Maggie Chiang Homesick Exhibition photos

The smiles and the cries happened during the duration of the Maggie Chiang Homesick exhibition. Aside the title implications, it was more of a Homecoming, which we suppose is the remedy for being Homesick. Either way, friends from all over LA and from different areas of Maggie Chiang's life came together. From school, work, and even Valorant, brought forth a fun mix of folks who got to try the catering from, "Josh and Mei" who put together fun foods that everyone enjoyed. The smiles were infectious and finally there's now cries. Pan, the Husky that you see in the photos was terminally ill and has now passed. We were lucky to have a strong visit from Pan who seemed to have tons of energy, and had great time meeting other dog and their owners. We couldn't be more honored to provide the place where all could get together. 
Maggie Chiang Homesick Photo Set
James jean and Maggie chiang stand in front of some of her art pieces on one wall.
A husky meets a French Bulldog. You don't clearly see any human in the photo.
A group fo folks work on something, meanwhile a Husky dog is in front.
A group of people look at a blanket, but you  see a husky dog facing the camera.Catering photo including a spam musubi and some desserts.Outdoor photo features a group of people and two dogs.