Mintea Challange! Exhibition Coming to GR2


Mintea Challenge Art Exhibition

October 10 - October 28, 2020  Begins Saturday Oct 10 12PM

Artist and illustrator, Maggie Chiang began the pandemic with prompts to challenge artists to draw and create. Many participated on Instagram and the weeks turned into months with different prompts and tons of art. Maggie Chiang and GR chose a group of artists to participate in this first exhibition which will explore various prompts. 

List of Prompts (collected from all previous minteachallenge prompts) :

Favorite Color, Summertime, 5 Favorite things in one image, Exploration, Empathy, Fauna & Flora, Draw something from Life, Geometric, Twisted, Sharp, Wavy, Organic, Something Warm, Grayscale, Complementary, Monochromatic, Something Cool, Something Blue, A Memory, Constellation, Opposites, Silhouette


Artists include: 

Maggie Chiang, Alycea Tinoyan, Amy Matsushita-Beal, Amy Sol, An Nguyen, Camila Otero, Christian Leon Guerrero, Cleonique Hilsaca, Danni Fisher-Shin, Edwin Ushiro, Elizabeth Haidle, Erick Martinez, Eujo, Felicia Chiao, Huntz Liu, Irene Martino, Janice Chang, Jaya, Jeni Yang, Jenny Yu, Junko Ogawa, Keiji Ishida, Lisa Kogawa, littlemoonboy, Lynndoodle, Paulina Bemu, ploopypoopy, Po Yan Leung, Rain Szeto, Rose Wong, Tiffany Tan, Vanessa Gillings, Wendy Park, Yumi Yamazaki, yumiincolor, Yusei Abe and more

Maggie Chiang
Alycea Tinoyan
Amy Matsushita-Beal
Amy Sol
An Nguyen
Camila otero
Christian Leon Guerrero
Cleonique Hilsaca
Danni Fisher-Shin
Edwin Ushiro
Elizabeth Haidle
Erick Martinez
Felicia Chiao

Huntz Liu
Irene Martino
Janice Chang
Jeni Yang
Jenny Yu
Junko Ogawa
Keiji Ishida
Lisa Kogawa
Paulina Bemu
Po Yan Leung
Rain Szeto
rose Wong
Tiffany Tan

Vanessa Gillings
Wendy Park
Yumi Yamazaki
Yusei Abe