Monochromanic - Solo Exhibition by Yusei Abe Begins Sat 9/29!

Monochromanic - Solo Exhibition by Yusei Abe

Exhibition begins Sat 9/29 6:30-10pm

9/29 - 10/17

Some words by Yusei Abe.


I draw scenery from my imaginary world. I’ve been creating works like this since i started, but I haven’t been able to name this world just yet.


I often draw abandoned buildings and wrecked everything. What was once made by human hands are now forgotten, weathered, and gradually got swallowed by nature. I am very fascinated by this weathering phenomenon, and my drawings also attempts to bring out nostalgia.


I’m also excited by how this group of simple tiny lines can create different levels of tones and shadows. I hope my conflation of lines will take viewers on an exploratory journey to connect with my imaginary world.