MOVED DATE: NANA - Group Exhibition Begins Jun 13th 12 Noon GR2


Group Exhibition June 13th - June 24th 2020

Felicia Chiao Lisa Kogawa Shihori Nakayama Junko Ogawa Kelly Sux Jen Tong Yumi Yamazaki


Yumi Yamazaki I am an LA-based Illustrator and Artist for Entertainment.

I was born in a small town surrounded by rice patties in Ibaraki, Japan, but grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and then San Diego, California. For this reason, I am a hodgepodge of a person with a love for both Japanese and American art.

Commercially, I work as a Visual Development Artist for Entertainment, designing worlds, environments, and story illustrations.

When I am not causing trouble in the Entertainment Industry, I enjoy crawling into my ramshackle studio to push around paint and graphite.

I hope you enjoy my selection of little creations I made in the copious amounts of time spent cooped up in my studio in quarantine.

Junko Ogawa, San Diego based artist/scientist, originally from Tokyo Japan. Being in love with art and science, particularly line work, edges, shape and neuroscience and now at this time with virology  :D

Felicia Chiao is an industrial designer by day and illustrator by night based in San Francisco. She is an avid sketchbook enthusiast and enjoys working traditionally with Copic markers on brown toned paper.

Shihori Nakamura is a doodler, printmaker, and Natural-dye apprentice. 

Her art style is influenced by both Japanese Manga, and fine art printmaking. Growing up in places surrounded by nature, her works are based on intricate organic lines, which contains symbolic tales of her personal life with combination of her imagination. 

Currently lives in Kyoto, Japan

Lisa Kogawa was born in Japan, raised in California and currently creates illustration everyday somewhere in Los Angeles.

Kelly Sux was born in North Carolina, USA. She grew up in South Carolina and graduated with a BFA in Painting from College of Charleston. She is now a freelance illustrator working between San Francisco and Tokyo.  Her past clients include Submarine Co. Ltd. and past projects include character designs for Takaratomy.