New York WTC and GRNY

I haven't been to NY in a while and now I know what I look like while holding my camera and standing in a subway. Thanks for Stickymonger for the photo and taking me to the 69th floor of the WTC Building 4 which is still incomplete. The empty floors which will house Spotify in the near future is currently artist studios and exhibits.

I visited the WTC in 1986 and went to the observation deck. I was a high school junior! Yesterday was the first time going back. It's obviously completely changed and thriving it it's new way. 

The WTC area is shaping up into being another city center. What was once a sterile Wall Street area is now becoming shopping malls and tourists. It's thriving and people are everywhere. 

A close up of Stickymonger art on the windows. Each section speaks to the view and the layout of the city. Ask her about it if you get to see her there. 

This is the 911 Memorial. It's a waterfall going into a smaller waterfall that ends in an unviewable abyss. The names of the lost are inscribed and people leave flowers at certain names.

The Oculus mall is a neat building that's also a train station.


This is site of GRNY. I closed this one up in about 2011 and that in itself is a long tale.