No Sale Here on Small Business Saturday

I almost feel forced to have a sale on Black Friday or Amex's Small Business Saturday. It's what everyone else around me is doing to compete against the big box stores. But why have a sale on these particular days when a shop like mine, the "small guy," or the "mom and pop," is here to support the even "smaller guy?" If there's a time to not discount products and to not compete against ourselves, I'd think this is it. 

I've always tried to price things fairly. Shirts that say Giant Robot on them are either 19, 20, or 23. Should I raise them to $26, so I could then lower them by 20% during a sale? 20% off would make my $20 shirt $16. The lowest GR cap at $14 would become $11.20. Then there's all of the other goods in the store, which come with rent, employees, insurance, utilities, maintenance, and taxes. We abide by all of them which stimulates our local economy and keeps money circulating. 

So, I'm not having a sale even though I feel pressured to do it and whether you spend at the spots who are taking a hit to make extra sales, or with us, I thank you kindly for the support.