NorCal Walkabout Yamashita Market, Frijolito, in Watsonville

Yamashita Market - It looks ancient and I hear it is. It's a Japanese Market in Watsonville, California. It's perfectly messy inside and great that way. They shouldn't change a thing. Places like this are historical landmarks and going away quickly. 

Frijolito Burrito Window is a low key local spot and the carne asada burrito is awesome. Their salsa is great too. It was brought up as a place my Uncle Akio liked. I'm unsure if that's true, but they did mention the hole in the wall burrito spot So naturally, my parents were happy to try some - sort of in his memory. 

That's us at the hotel breaking apart a burrito to share. 

Before the burial, we stopped at a Flea Market, which was entirely Latino. I think we were the only non Latinos but that didn't stop us from getting churros which were hot and amazing.