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The Restored Director’s Cut of SUNSETS


Will World Premiere on CHOPSO


On Friday March 1 at 8 pm with Live Appearances of


Filmmakers Michael Aki and Eric Nakamura



LOS ANGELES / Feb 12, 2019: Giant Robot and CHOPSO are proud to present the restored Director’s Cut of SUNSETS, the 1997 Asian American New Wave indie classic and the first feature by the cousins team Michael Aki and Eric Nakamura.


In this independent drama, Dave and Mark are two high school buddies living in Watsonville, California. Dave works in a comic book store, while Mark is preparing to go to college in the fall. When their friend Gary is released from jail, the three spend most of the summer drinking beer, chasing girls, and committing petty crimes. As the fall approaches, and with it the first stages of responsible adulthood, the three realize that the days are numbered for their friendship as they know it.


In its initial theatrical release, SUNSETS received favorable reviews from Timeout, Chicago Tribune, LA Weekly, The New Times and the Los Angeles Times.  “For a film with such an easy flow and lack of pretense, "Sunsets" is actually reflective and tough-minded,” wrote Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times. “Shot in black-and-white, it has an assured, sophisticated style as the filmmakers zero in on three pals during their last summer together in Watsonville, the old agricultural community just below Monterey.”


Giant Robot and CHOPSO will present the world premiere FREE SCREENING of the Restored Director’s Cut of SUNSETS on March 1 Friday at 8:00 pm at National Center for the Preservation of Democracy at the Japanese American National Museum, 100 N. Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012.


For the first time, this Asian American cult classic will be available restored and on high definition. Co-directors Michael Aki and Eric Nakamura (also Cinematographer) will appear at the Los Angeles world  for a Special Q&A after the film screening. SUNSETS will stream worldwide day-and-date on March 1 on CHOPSO*.

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For Press Inquiries or Pre-screening request, contact Alan Chang at 424 361-8148

A new film transfer marks perhaps the final move for our 1997 film. This version should look crisp on screen compared to the 480p of the past. As more information about this screening comes, we'll post it here. It's a free event.