Post It Show 14 Second Drop Dec 8th Sat 12PM

Shawn Cheng
Marcellus Hall
Ariel Mar
Jordin Isip

Candie Bolton
Haejin Park
Stephan G Bucher
Anneli Olander
Christian Leon Guerrero
Hilary Hubanks
Jeffrey Cheung
Maria Tina Beddia
Jamie Hernandez
Gemma Correll
Theo Ellsworth
Defective Pudding
Ron Velasco
Martin Hsu 
Yusei Abe
Jade Kuei
Christian Leon Guerrero 
Junko Ogawa

Jeremiah Ketner
Tiffany Liu
Erick Martinez
Katsuya Terada
Joey Chou
James Jean 
Nikki Longfish
Maggie Chiang
Edwin Ushiro
Mr Toast
Luke Chueh
Huntz Liu
Nathan Ota
Yumi Yamazaki

Julian Montague

Shihori Nakayama

B. Rohlmann

Erica Cordero

Flat Bonnie
Sean Chao
Yoskay Yamamoto


Second Drop of Post Its Dec 8th 12 Noon. This time, you don't have to wait in line. 

But what you do need to do is bring an unwrapped new toy for the GR X West L.A. Community Coalition Toy Drive for 100 Kids ranging from 1 - 16 years of age who live in Transitional Housing in West LA - (suggested value $20) - This gets you a ticket into the "LOTTERY" to get first pick on down of the new Post It pieces by many great artists folks. We will be sharing who is scheduled to submit new works.