Post It Show Second Drop Toy Drive

In what I'd call one of the greatest things I've seen at GR2 aside the line just a week earlier was a line of folks dropping off toys for the West LA Community Coalition X GR Toy Drive. Yes there are many kids in transitional housing who need toys this holiday and YOU made that happen. It was a worry to know that we'd need to get at least 100 toys to make the kids Christmas just a little better, but today it looked easy.

I'm unsure if galleries or shops do this - I personally haven't seen it, but I'm glad to be part of a community of artists who are willing to step up and lend their talents and names, and the art fans and collectors who care enough to bring really nice gifts. I saw some great items come through. The photos don't capture the size of the crowd, and a trunk load of toys looks like a lot, but there was a lot more than that too. Thanks to Dean Gojobori, Greg Ericksen, Council member Mike Bonin, Hannah Levien, and Mark Todd.

Let's keep this up and see what else we can do.