Sashie Masakatsu and Yuu Visit LA

I'd normally want to spend a little more time with the artist who graced one of the covers of Giant Robot magazine, but like with the many times he's here for art related endeavors elsewhere, we have an event at GR2. Yet we made time to catch up at Quarters in K-Town. I told this story in text messages to Mr Yoskay Yamamoto about how Yuu, Sashie's wife, translated just about everything I say, no matter how minor, just to keep him in conversations. She wants him to know everything she can explain so he's never left out. It's a great symbol of love and care.

I then told Yoskay a minute later, "nah, it's not a big deal actually." Which was then followed by a return text of laughter.

If I didn't get so lazy about explaining it more, I wanted to say it's not a big deal because we often do special things for each other and it's actually not so special. Instead our texting conversation devolved into scattered insults and sarcasm.