Sitting Outside II Photos

Amazing group photo with perhaps 50 people in it in the gallery looking at the camera. It's higher up thus catching the entire room with many people in it.

Full photo album here at our Flickr page. The group photo speaks volumes. So many great folks, so much love, and a great time. Thanks to Kellan Jett and the great family of plein air painters. 

Also take a look at this image of folks "Painting Outside" which took place before the reception. About 20 folks came together to paint the front of GR2! 

Over an artist shoulder, this image shows a painter making a painting in front of GR2 gallery. You can see him holding a brush and making a painting. There are people in the background, some hanging out and some are making their own art.

 It turns out artist Wayne Tsay sat on the ground next to the fella above! Their vantage points are slightly different and I wish we could see everyone's work from that hour! We found Wayne Tsay's rendition on Instagram. Any others?

This is a painting by Wayne Tsay who painted this in front of GR2 Gallery. This image is painted quickly, but it captures people hanging out in front of the gallery. 

For some reason, I think Akira when I see the artist below (James Wu). He paints on his bike! This image shows even more folks painting outside! It was amazing to see. 

A fella in red paints while sitting on a bicycle in front of GR2.
A cluster of friends paint in front of GR2 on Sawtelle. You can't see their work, but you can see that they are hard at work!