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Smithsonian Air and Space Museum is hosting an art exhibition in their main flagship space in Washington D.C. I’ve been to this museum a few times now, and each time it gets larger and larger. But the last thing I saw which was sort of tucked away in the last gallery on the second floor in the space section was the art exhibit. I’m guessing art among the space ships would be the most boring for the kids, but it might have been the most memorable. The US Space program is unrivaled except maybe a now splintered USSR program which in the end, probably got the best start and does continue onward. Asia? Not as much, although the space art on postage stamps from Mongolia might be the best.


This Norman Rockwell painting is amazing. Did this happen? Probably not, but the romantic Americana is amazing. Are the helpers really wearing sailor outfits?



More photos in the form of a photo album follow:

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