Katsuya Terada Live Analog Drawing and X-Mas Eve!

I'm astounded by the goodness of the folks who came through to meet Katsuya Terada on X-Mas eve. It's his last day in LA and knowing him, this was a great way to spend it. With folks who are fans from 3000 miles away, who traveled from Orange County, one from Dallas, many from around, and that included some friends and more. Also special thanks to Cassia Lupo who held down GR1. I can't think of a better way I'd spend this day. 

Also below,  you'll see photos of the live analog drawing day and special guest Mike Mignola stopped by and checked it all out. Thanks to Yoskay Yamamoto for translating and handling to audience. It was a packed crowd and that was also an honor. 

All pics here