The Giant Robot Retro Hooded Sweatshirt is Back!

I estimate 15 years ago is when we last made this sweatshirt. It has cut out felt letters that are stitched on one at a time. The original version came in this color way but also appeared on a navy hoody with "curry" colored letters. I've always wanted to make this again and opted to test out the black version first.

Gladly the original design has stood the test of time. There's a lot of customization, so don't think it's just a random font. It's not! I didn't have to fix a thing. 

The stitching is cleanly done - much better than 15 years ago! The applique never looked this good. 

That's me sporting it at GR2. This garment is a proud moment for me. It's one of my favorite objects I've ever made. 

This will be online shortly and will be $54. Not bad for 10 letters cut out and stitched on a nice zip hoody.