The Totoro Show at Giant Robot Store December 15th

The Totoro Show 
Dec 15 6:30pm - Runs concurrent with GR2 exhibition. 
This show features the fine artists:
Aaron Brown
Angela Song
Ann Shen
Bonnie Lui
Brenda Chi
Brian Luong
Bryan Wong
Cassia Lupo
Erick Martinez
Eunice San Miguel
Federico Tobon 
Flat Bonnie
Hooked Hands
Jennifer Lee
Junyi Wu
Justine Lin
Kevin Chan
Kevin Luong
Lisa Kogawa
Lydia Fu
Mari Inukai
Nellie Le
Nikki Longfish
Po Yan Leung
Roland Tamayo
Sanaa Khan
Sean Chao
Sweaty Taxidermy
Tiffany Le
Tiffany Liu
Yumi Yamazaki
Yusei Abe

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