Views of James Jean "Azimuth" at Kaikai Kiki Gallery Tokyo

I can't explain how proud I am of my good friend James Jean whose work continuously evolves. I got to witness the making of these larger scale pieces that are currently on view in a beautiful and powerful way. I'd like to spend a day trying to contextualize the importance of a show like this for a fella who in my opinion is at the top of the game as we think we know it - who then shows at Kaikai Kiki or Takashi Murakami's gallery who is at or near the top of the global game. It's amazing to be able to say that I know them both and I get to live through a part of art history. 

I should have thought more about taking better photos while I was there, but I was caught up in the moment of seeing tons of old friends. And just like that, the reception was over and it was on to an amazing kaiseki dinner.

It was James Jean's day in Tokyo and I'm glad to have witnessed everything. 

James Jean toasts the room. It was great to see him own the room. 

Beat by Dre gift. 

Laurie Ochoa, their son, and Jonathan Gold showed up randomly. 

Hitotzuki and family

Terada Katsuya and Lauren Tsai

Kami and Haroshi

Yes Murakami was there. You'll have to see my shot in Black and White at a later date.