Vote in the WLASNC Election

Vote for me!?

I'm running once again for a Board seat on the West Los Angeles-Sawtelle Neighborhood Council in the 2019 WLASNC Elections.

My candidate statement is here:


I own and operate Giant Robot Store (18 years) and GR2 Gallery (16 years) on Sawtelle. I will serve a full term after being elected in 2016. I currently run the NC website, email newsletter, and social media. I'm also the Vice Chair. As a local who grew up in the Sawtelle area, I'm now a small business owner who has survived multiple iterations of my corporation including focus, size, and locations since its inception in 1994. I have plenty of knowledge and skills to share. I’m making a late decision to run for a seat after weighing the many negatives against the few positives of being an NC member. Current and future Chair Jamie Keeton simply suggests, “it’s important,” and she’s right. The area is changing faster than ever. Ex-Board member, Dr. Jack Fujimoto, author of "Sawtelle West Los Angeles's Japantown," pushed, "Do it again." Thus, I'm here to help and learn. You can read more about me at or see - I'm on most forms of social media.But my real one is here: (it wouldn't fit - after the above paragraph).
Things I learned about the Neighborhood Council.
1) Running on a slate of Candidates can be a terrible idea, and I helped a woeful skate holder get elected. 
2) You can thankfully vote a Board member off. We did this and it helped a lot.
3) The NC is as strong or weak as its strongest or weakest members. It goes in waves.
4) Some members think that the NC is great for their resumes. No, it’s not.
5) Some members will cite “too busy.” If you are too busy, you will hurt the NC.
6) Your time cannot be measured by monetary value in the NC. It’ll never pan out. 
7) There is little fairness and much illogic in the NC. It’s not a perfect system so you’ll have to accept this.
8) Most have never heard of the NC, and it’s all of our jobs to share and promote. Remember this. 
9) The NC has the word Sawtelle in it, and we do represent over 30,000 residents over a large area. However, I will represent Sawtelle Japantown as best I can.
10) Joining Committees is where work gets done. I’m on Outreach committee and I produce graphics, operate the website, email newsletter, and perform all of the social media. I’m also the Vice Chair of the Board.