Yoskay Yamamoto Homebound Solo Exhibition Begins Nov 11th 6:30pm

GR2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd

LA, CA 90025 424.246.7626

Yoskay Yamamoto Homebound Exhibtion

Nov 11 - Nov 29th, 2017

Reception Sat Nov 11 6:30-10pm

It's always a pleasure to say Yoskay Yamamoto is back at GR2. Yamamoto has worked tirelessly on his painting technique in the past few years and the results are in. His pieces are more meticulous and refined than ever. Yamamoto explains his technique on his recent body of works, "I spent more time with each painting this time and tried to explore more possibilities with a different color palette." 
The exhibition pieces don't necessarily reflect his own life yet the title, Homebound, can reflect his current situation of being which might be both, “on the way home” or “unable to leave one's house.“ 
Yamamoto mentions that there isn’t one particular theme for this exhibition, yet he's focused on creating imagery and work that has a positive nature. "I figured we could all use some positivity these days."
Come see Yoskay Yamamoto at his exhibition on Sat Nov 11 6:30-10pm