Yoskay Yamamoto Recent Highlights and Short Subject Doc

Throwback video to Yoskay Yamamoto prepping towards his exhibition at GR2. House of Daydreamers by We Are Famous. Time flies quickly and fast forward to last night's opening for his current exhibition, In Between The Dreams. Yoskay's work has evolved, his career is rushing forward, and so have we (a tiny bit).

Some Yoskay Yamamoto X Giant Robot highlights include

1) Installation "Home Away From Home" at GR Biennale 4 at the Japanese American National Museum.

2) 8 foot House installation "Hope it Will Reach You Eventually" at Vincent Price Museum. 

3) Yoskay Yamamoto joins collective 81 Bastards at GR2

4) Contempo Art Shop - Honolulu Museum of Art

I'm proud to continuously work with a creative and talented individual who is receptive to ideas. Yoskay deserves all of the goodness that comes his way and when we need it, he always "brings it." That's one path to success.