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Cones of Vision Group exhibition curated by Mari Inukai

Cones of Vision Curated by Mari Inukai GR2 Gallery, Sawtelle Japantown March 30 - April 17, 2019 Opening reception March 30, 6:30 - 10pm Giant Robot’s GR2 Gallery to host Cones of Vision, a group show of six friends from CalArts, curated by alum painter and animator, Mari Inukai.  Walt Disney, who trained his first animators at what would later become CalArts said, “If you keep busy, your work might lead you into paths you might not expect... What young artists need is a school where they can learn a variety of skills, a place where there is cross-pollination.” Almost fifteen years later, this exhibit reunites talents of fine art, animation, writing, and design.  Artists include Bruce Richards, Elizabeth Ito, Rami Kim, Pendleton...

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Rakugaki (Sketches and Beyond) Group Exhibition March 9th

AJ Dungo, Albert Reyes, Alyssa Mees, Amy Sol, Andrew Brandou, Angela Song, Audrey Kawasaki, Bagger43, Brian Luong, Camily Tsai, Candie Bolton, Carly Lake, Cassia Lupo, Christopher Youssef, David Horvath, Defective Pudding, Deth P Sun, Edwin Ushiro, Elliot Brown, Felix Galvan, French, Giorgiko, Godeleine de Rosamel, Hellen Jo, Huntz Liu, Ileana Soon, Jeff McMillan, Jeffrey Brown, Jen Tong, Jeni Yang, Jeremiah Ketner, Jim Houser, JP Neang, Junko Mizuno, Junko Ogawa, Justine Lin, Katsuya Terada, Kenneth Srivijittakar, Kevin Luong, KMNDZ, kozyndan, Lauren Tsai, Leonardo Santamaria, Lina Yu, Linnea Strid, Lisa Kogawa, Luke Chueh, Maggie Chiang, Mari Inukai, Martin Hsu, Mike Choi, Mimi Chao, Miso, Mu Pan, Naoto Hattori, Nathan Ota, Nikki Longfish, Nikko de Leon, Ouizi, Peter Chan, Rebecca Green, Renee French,...

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Free Film! Giant Robot and Chopso Presents Sunsets March 1 8pm JANM

  LINK TO FREE TICKETS   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CHOPSO Alan Chang 424 361-8148   The Restored Director’s Cut of SUNSETS   Will World Premiere on CHOPSO   On Friday March 1 at 8 pm with Live Appearances of   Filmmakers Michael Aki and Eric Nakamura     LOS ANGELES / Feb 12, 2019: Giant Robot and CHOPSO are proud to present the restored Director’s Cut of SUNSETS, the 1997 Asian American New Wave indie classic and the first feature by the cousins team Michael Aki and Eric Nakamura.   In this independent drama, Dave and Mark are two high school buddies living in Watsonville, California. Dave works in a comic book store, while Mark is preparing to go...

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