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Giant Robot Store January!

We're in the midst of cold January in Southern California, and this means a slow down in the area, but that doesn't mean less traffic. There are tons of cars and people trying to get home. Traffic could be at an all time high these days. Be careful out there.

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I'm not a chef or anything like that, but I can make a beef stew. This one is void of a lot of extras that I'd normally put in, but I wanted to keep it simple. I'll make this again and add a bit more to it. It takes about 4-5 hours of cooking time. Maybe I'll gain a bit more patience and cook it even longer next time. 

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Credit Card Research: Chase Business Ink

I'm trying to learn more about credit cards and using them wisely to get points or cash back. I don't do resolutions, but this is something I began late in 2017 and enjoy learning the nuances of how the points game works. It's complicated and I can see how being sharp at this can do a lot for you. Yet there are drawbacks. You can go too far and this could become a "job"!

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