Barry McGee Book cover Reproduction with a man pointing to the right.
Barry McGee artist wearing green jacket is hunched over a stack of books and is signing one. You can't see what he's writing.
This shows the inside back cover of the book with various images of interiors and buildings.
This shows the handstamping of the inside front cover of the book.
This shows the handstamping of the inside back cover of the book.
This is a hand stamping of a Nature with the word Fong underneath.
Back cover of the book features a young man spray painting a big letter C.
This is a book spine that is painted over with silver.
A spread that has a rubber stamp image of a face made with keyboard symbols.

Barry McGee - Reproduction (Hand Customized)

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Hardcover, 224 pages with 250 images, measures 8.5 x 11 inches. (T3)

This book is personally customized - See photos!

- An exterior silver spray paint job

- Stamped with Barry McGee designed stamps (in three places) These are his own personal stamps.

This monograph is the first to collect the photographs of internationally acclaimed multimedia artist Barry McGee. Though best known for the inventive graphic sensibility of his paintings, drawings, and installations, McGee’s use of photography is an essential component of his artistic vision. Captured at all hours and around the world with whatever camera is at hand, McGee’s images are immediate, casual, intimate, and anarchic all at once. His work boldly employs geometric shapes, clusters of framed drawings and paintings, distinctive characters, and found objects such as empty bottles, surfboards, and wrecked vehicles. Whether incorporated into his iconic multi-element compositions, or printed in the innumerable fanzines and artist’s books that often accompany his exhibitions, photographs pervade McGee’s practice. Barry McGee: Reproduction provides unique insight into the process of a major American artist, and is a testament to the immense amount of visual information McGee has absorbed to build one of the most eclectic and innovative artistic legacies of our time.

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