3 paper maché like figures, designed as traditional Japanese maneki, with spots, a collar and one paw raised up. Colors include red, white or yellow.
Collection of images, various angles of a white maneki Flowering Fortune, shown face up, then on its side revealing a sticker with Japanese script, then with the sticker removed, revealing a folded sheet of instructions tied with a red string.

Flowering Fortunes (Beckoning Cats)

Regular price $ 7.00

Measures 2 inches tall.

Wow flowering fortunes! Japanese paper-mache good luck charms that grow your good luck. Read it, plant it, water it and your luck will grow.

Assorted color chosen at random. Seeds of either Sweet Alyssum, Chrysanthemum and Garden Petunia.

Listing is for one flowering fortune.

Note: Cat color options are black, white or yellow.

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