Book viewed at an angle, showing its spine which reads "Terada Katsuya Sketch." Cover features an elaborate blue ink drawing of a woman looking over her shoulder with many white eyed black cat creatures atop her head and biting her hand and body.
2 page excerpt, featuring a black ink illustration on each page. Left page features a girl seen from the lower torso up, with a torrent moving around her and an abstract skull atop her head. Right page features a heavily tattooed nude woman, with parts of her body unraveling.
2 page excerpt, featuring blue ink sketches on grey tone torn sketchbook paper. Illustrations are of different women wearing large mechanical helmets with many pieces and wires coming off of them.
2 page excerpt, featuring black ink illustrations on white paper. Left page is a drawing of a young person wearing lots of mechanical elements with a large helmet. Right page features a similar looking person, surrounded by a monkey, a penguin, and a tall kangaroo.

Sketch by Katsuya Terada

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Soft cover, 512 pages. 

A GIANT 512-page collection of Katsuya Terada’s RAKUGAKI sketches and illustrations.

The one and only legendary illustrator Katsuya Terada, a.k.a. RAKUGAKING (The Sketch King), well known as a pioneer who is always seeking new ideas and motifs for his drawings, has finally revealed his RAKUGAKI sketches and illustrations, long kept only in his sketch book.

Although most illustrations in this collection have appeared in Terada’s previous international exhibitions (e.g., Giant Robot in Los Angeles), never before has any book collected so many of his RAKUGAKI. This is the best and most comprehensive collection of Katsuya Terada’s pencil sketches, making it a must-have book for both his hardcore fans and also to illustrators in general.

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