3 rubber coated pens with cartoon shiba inu heads with pink cheeks as pen toppers. Shiba colors include black, brown and yellow.
Pen display, white with peach color accents. Three clear cups hold a bundle of shiba inu topped pens.

Shiba Inu Puppy Wiggle Gel Pen

Regular price $ 3.00

Measures about 9.75 inches long.

Is it a corgi? Is it a shiba? Is it a husky pup? We don't know for sure.. but what we do know is that these pens are cuuuute! These silly, sweet dangly pens are as cute as they are fun. With smooth gel ink, they write clean with just the write amount of ink. Random color assortment of pups! 

Pen is randomly selected, but feel free to leave an order note if you have a specific one in mind, we'll see if we still have it!

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