Sitting Outside 2 - Group Exhibition

Live 3/18 @ noon pt
Painting of a black, brown and white colored dog with a basket of large mushroom on its back, pulling a wooden cart. In the cart are flowers.

Doggo Show 2023: A Canine Themed Art Exhibition

Live 3/4 at 11 am PT
Show poster for Rakugaki Group Exhibition, featuring several pictures collaged together of many sketches by different artists up on white walls. Below, is information including the date and time of the show.

Rakugaki 5 (2023): Sketches and Beyond

Live 2/25 @ noon pt
Cover of Barry McGee's book "Reproduction" featuring an old man in all brown clothing and socks with sandals, pointing behind him to his left. The top of the book is spray painted silver.

Barry McGee - Reproduction:
Hand Customized

live 2/17 @ 2 pm pt
Poster for Art Combini 5: Sawtelle Art Market Popup featuring several photos collaged together of people standing and posing in groups, some holding up pieces of art. Below, is information including date, time and name of the artists participating.

Art Combini 5 @ GR2 Gallery

Sat 2/18 12-6pm, Sun 2/19 12-5pm

Artbound Giant Robot: Asian Popular Culture and Beyond Full Documentary