Product packaging of a 3D puzzle kit to build a bookend, scenery features a magical alleyway with small shops for wizards.
Assembled diorama style bookend, allowing a peek into a busy alleyway with shops for wizards and various magic paraphernalia all around.
Display of Magic House book end installed between several books on a bookshelf.
Close up image of Magic House diorama bookend kit, fully assembled to display the exterior of a magic shop with European style street signs and a bird and broom perched outside.

3D Creative Bookends Kit - Magic House

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Assembled size is 7.09″ x 4.33″ x 9.45″. Two AAA batteries required. Equipped with 4 controllable lights.

The Magic House Book Nook is a 3D wooden puzzle miniature kit that you could build with your own hands. It will create a warm, cozy environment teeming with wonder.

Made of wood, paper and metal, this kid is the perfect gift for someone who loves miniatures and building!