Book cover featuring an illustration of many people on a subway, some school girls, a young adult and some business people. A witch flies alongside the train.
Open 2 page spread of illustrations, one of a couple standing on a subway with the windows covered by exterior flowers. The other is of a set of feet, with one pair on its tippy toes.
Open 2 page spread of illustrations, one of a roadside shop with a vending machine outside and the other is of a covered bus stop.
Open 2 page spread of illustrations, one of a cat inside a paper bag with 2 girls laughing and looking. The other is of a cat sitting on a glass table, with a girl laying under it and looking at the cat through it.

An Extraordinary Ordinary Day - The Art of 526

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Softcover, 140 pages, 8.3 x 5.8 inches.

Delight in the casual, yet heartwarming, slices of everyday life in 526’s illustrations. 

The much-anticipated commercial debut collection of 526 on the theme of “daily life,” showcasing moments from the lives of people today captured in single illustrations. 

526 is a new creator whose ability to evoke empathy has been getting a lot of attention: in 2021, their illustrations posted on social media received more than 840,000 likes. Featuring students, parents, pop idols, office workers and other people of various ages and occupations as the main characters, the meaning and emotion expressed in the illustrations and titles are sure to enhance reader’s enjoyment of 526’s work even more. 

This book is sure to play an active role in expanding awareness of people’s everyday lives against the backdrop of ordinary scenes in Japan today. 

Take a look at each of these lovely slices of daily life captured by 526.