Archie's Press - "Pizza Chart" Print

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Measures 8 x 8 inches.

From Our friend Archie

Pizza is the most beloved food in America, and likely the world. However, it often means different things to different people. When my family moved to Rhode Island (a mere 45 minutes from our home in Massachusetts), we encountered a totally bizarro form of pizza that is known only in Rhode Island: The Pizza Strip. Every single birthday, Bar Mitzvah and board meeting has these things. It's a thick piece of focaccia bread smothered with sweet and salty tomato sauce, no visible cheese and cut into strips. It's served cold, and leaves a visible residue of grease on anything it touches. Is this pizza? 7 year-old me didn't think so, but I was told it was pizza enough times that now I think it counts. There aren't many restaurants that sell this style, but every Rhode Island bakery will have some version of it. 

We included a few chain pizzas because they are so ubiquitous throughout the country that their flavor defies any other style. 

It's also a gimme, since the map itself is shaped like a pizza. 

Letterpress Snob Wheel printed in black ink on textured white paper with deep impression.